Mid-Week Mashup (noun): A brief distraction from a steady stream of global news and talking heads; may take on any variation of random forms.

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Good morrow to you, precious bastards! This week’s Midweek Mashup comes to you in the form of:

Super Bass: Dubstep – Wicked Edition

When confined to limited space, such as a work cubicle, or one’s own home during house arrest, one must find ways to stay afloat on the rough seas of normalcy and mediocrity.

Here are some of the wickedest, bass-heavy melodies everyone on cubicle- or house-arrest should employ to maintain at least 63% of his/her sanity. I threw in a bit of techno for good measure – like water, techno is a universal solvent.

Studies show that bass-heavy beats can maintain healthy heart rates, lower cholesterol, and clear ones skin of acne blemishes. Side effects include dizziness, temporary hearing loss, and increased mental acuity. Follow these instructions immediately for the full experience – and at your own risk.





Still here are you? I know you can’t really hear me right now as your ears are still ringing, but do let me know if your condition has improved at all. I’ll be round to tell you what you missed in news in a few days from now. Cheeri-bum! #GodSavetheQueen


Global News Weekly Roundup – 10 August 2013

Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Fortnight, Good Morrow lovelies! What a deliciously malicious week in the news! Speaking of malicious, Vladimir Putin seems to be falling out of everyone’s good graces at an alarming rate, starting with Barack Obama and Stephen Fry, yet he doesn’t seem terribly bothered. Her Majesty hasn’t been terribly bothered with me either. She’s been so preoccupied with Georgie Porgie that she has not been the least bit bothered by my burglary case. While I’ve been trying to prove my innocence, I’ve been watching the world’s headlines. They’re rather corrupt and a bit more maddening than usual. Wouldn’t you agree?

Sit back, share a morning cup of Earl Grey Goose tea with me, and catch up on the week in curious news.


Mugabe Touts Efficacy of Corruption, Says Ends Justify Means

“Do you think anybody would vote for me because I have a pretty smile and stylish wardrobe? Voters need to be compelled.”

Reigning king of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has been re-crowned in recent elections, though the opposition is crying foul, seeking redress from the courts.

Movement for Democratic Change has accused Mugabe and Zanu-PF of duplicating thousands of voter names and turning away opposition voters, among other fraudulent practices. They are calling for a new election by the end of this calendar year.

Mugabe was reportedly overheard saying, “There is no such thing as an honest government or election. If you want honesty/truth in government, you have to wait til you die and go to heaven, this is Africa!”



Peek-a-boo, We Hear You! Jamaica’s Covert Spying Operations Uncovered

Jamaican police and military forces have joined the ranks of other national governments who spy on its citizens as several agencies were found tapping the phones of its residents.  When quizzed on their covert operations, authorities declined to comment on specifics like who was being spied on, how long they had been spying, and exactly what data they had gathered.  However, they claimed that spying is done to preserve the island’s national security. Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, reminded residents that personal privacy was a thing of the past that could no longer be guaranteed as a 7-year old amendment to the Interception of Communications Act allows them to spy on its citizens for a full week sans warrant from the court.

Here’s what some locals had to say:

Thank you Gleaner for that lovely footage. #GovtTooNuff


Chris Brown

Chris Brown to Leave Music for Boxing Career

Condolences are in order for members of #TeamBreezy as the R&B musician, and friend of Twitter, announced to Mainstream America – you know who you are – his tentative retirement from the music industry. Citing “infamy fatigue” and constant comparisons to the late Ike Turner, Brown conceded there is never a right time to Say Goodbye, but decided it was in his best interest to “chuck up the Deuces.”

Could this be a publicity ploy for his forthcoming album, X, or is he serious? No one knows for certain, but sources close to the embattled singer say he is considering boxing or MMA fighting as his next career move. “No doubt he’s a good fighter.” #FloatLikeaButterflyStingLikeaB



Cyber Safety Act to Enforce Online Manners

Cyber-bullies are distressed over new Nova Scotia legislation that allows victims of bullying to sue; if the bully is a minor, the parents would become liable. If the bullying happens at school, the principal may become liable.

The new Cyber Safety Act loosely defines cyber bullying as any electronic communication that is reasonably expected to humiliate another person, or harm their “self-esteem…”

A conscientious observer noted,

Opponents of the law suggest this is a slippery slope due to the open interpretation of bullying that will be left to the victim. “Offense is taken, not given,” cited one cyber-bully. They’re arresting trolls now they want to sue bullies – what’s next, a law against ‘being mean?’


JFLAG2   J-FLAG VS Queen Ifrica: Round I  Queen Ifrica

During Jamaica’s recent Grand Gala event, held to celebrate their 51st year of independence from the monarchy, reggae performer, daughter of Ska legend Derrick Morgan, and devout Rastafarian Ventrice “Queen Ifrica” Morgan (nee Fyah Muma) took some of her performance time to plead with the nation’s prime minister not to repeal the current buggery (anti-sodomy) laws.

Ruffling Doctor Bird feathers seemed to be her intention as she spoke out against homosexuality and skin bleaching, and in favour of legalizing marijuana.  In a move similar to popular dancehall artist Rodney “Bounty Killer” Price’s at a children’s fundraiser several years ago, Ifrica traded cheers for awkward silence when she verbally opposed Jamaica’s following what she called ‘international trends decriminalizing homosexuality.’ J-Flag is calling for the government to penalize artists’ use of indecent language, discriminatory rhetoric and the incitement of violence.

Ifrica said she was merely exercising her right to free speech.


Hollywood Stars


Oh Yes She Did! – Emma Roberts Crashes Donut Line

*Disclaimer: We are not kind to celebs who think their status gives them preeminence above the rest of us. If this offends you, we’re sorry, and by ‘we’re sorry’ we mean, ‘you’ll get over it.’*

American actress Emma Roberts and her publicist were turned away when they attempted to reassign themselves from number 12,471 in a donut line to position number 2.

Roberts, daughter of actor Eric Roberts and niece of actress Julia Roberts, was at the tail end of a block-long line for the Gucci donuts when she decided, ‘I’m Emma Roberts bitches!’ and dragged her publicist to the entry way where a doorman sent them on their way. (Imagine, a donut shop so hip it has a doorman/bouncer, ah those New Yorkers!) She ended up leaving the line of young hipsters incessantly masturbating their iGadgets attempting to appear cool, hip, and edgy shortly after. The doorman admitted he was afraid of Roberts due to her recent arrest history for domestic battery, but was overheard saying, “I had a duty to protect and serve our donuts. They’re expensive y’know!”


Oprah's Swiss Diss

Oprah Winfrey’s Swiss Diss

Once again, simple people have taken liberties with American TV personality and billionaire Oprah Winfrey, this time in Switzerland.

In town for singer Tina Turner’s nuptials, Oprah decided to go shopping sans entourage at one of those shicky micky boutiques – Trois Pommes.  Upon asking to see a 35K Franc crocodile handbag – the appropriate thing to do with a nasty croc, make a bloody bag out of it – the sales attendant allegedly replied, “No. That’s too expensive. I’ll show you this one.” The store’s head, Trudy Goetz, said the employee did nothing wrong in being “too kind,” looking out for the financial resources of its potential clientele in these tough economic times.

While Goetz said no disciplinary action would be taken against the employee, the offending sales associate is reportedly being remanded to basic sales training 101 where she would relearn the art of actually selling expensive merchandise, not keeping it around as store decor.




Don-Dawn-Don, Transgender Wants to Be Man Again

He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body, but little did he know there was a man trapped inside the woman who was trapped inside that one body.

One fair day, Don Ennis announced to his wife that he was transgender and becoming a woman to be called Dawn. When “Dawn” fell into a weekend coma only to reawaken with breasts he did not remember acquiring, she decided she wanted to live life as a male once more. Ennis blamed his gender confusion on his mother – of course – saying she had fed him estrogen as a child.

Sources close to the matter cite “Dawn’s” inability to find fashionable shoes that fit as the real reason s/he shifted back to being male, plus those dreadful cramps! It’s a good thing he kept the penis.


wheres the beef2



Beef Surprise for Dinner? The Surprise is THAT’S NOT BEEF

In an effort to meet an increased global demand for meat, a scientist has created a beef patty – in a laboratory.

The lab-grown burger, comprised of red beet juice, saffron, and cattle stem cells, took 5 years and $332K to produce – not a likely contender for fast food magnate McDonald’s whose burgers are cheaper and faster to make.

The mad Dutch scientist responsible for the petri-burger, Mark Post, anticipates his creation will become a ‘viable alternative to animal meat production’ in another 20 years. Meanwhile, veggie burgers will have to do.


That’s a wrap on this week’s global news roundup – CHEERI-BUM!  Will I or won’t I get off of house arrest? Be sure to tune in next week to see if I’m free, or at least to check out what you missed in world news.

And remember darlings, the world is not going mad; its GONE mad. Enjoy the weekend, and rest up for the week ahead. It should prove even more stimulating than this one.  #GodSaveTheQueen



Mid-week Mashup: Summer Reggae/Soca Fests

Mid-Week Mashup (noun): A brief distraction from a steady stream of global news and talking heads; may take on any variation of random forms.

Good morrow to you, precious bastards! This week’s Mid-Week Mashup comes to you in the form of:

Summer Reggae/Soca Festivals

JA Reggae Sumfest

Nothing transcends cultures like reggae music.

‘Tis the season to go on holiday and the world is wide open to those whose papers are in order.  Many of you live in areas that experience the wickedest of winters. Some of you simply want to escape and let your hair down, or take it off, or whatever. It is summer, and no better time exists to get out and do something.

The hot, summer air is thick with music and much of it is reggae/dancehall interwoven with soca. There are festivals “on de hill”, “in di mountain”, “pon de rock”, “unda di bush”, and everywhere in between.

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy

Do you hear what I hear?

Ringing through the sky shepherd boy

Do you hear what I hear?

Di pan, di pan sailing through di breeze

Whine yu waist an wuk up wid me

Whine yu waist an wuk up wid me

Yes friends, carnival season is in swing throughout Toronto, Canada, the US, and the Caribbean!  Do you remember?


Currently, this is running the border:

Try this is your next Zumba class, mates!

Or this:

Feelin’ hot, Hot. HOT yet? No? Taste this:

You ready now? Then please direct your attention to Barbados’ upcoming Soca on de Hill, Sunday, July 21st.

Soca on de Hill 2013

Do you remember the first reggae song you heard? What was it? When did you first fall in love with reggae/soca? What did it feel like?

Too hot? Need something a few beats milder? Onwards to the international reggae scene:

One Love Fest in Essex – 8/16 to 8/18

UK One Love Reggae Fest - Essex

Austria’s Hill Vibes Reggae in Otztal – 8/14

Austria Hill Vibes Reggae Fest

Belgium’s Reggae Geel 2013 in Geel – 8/2 to 8/3

Belgium Geel Reggae Fest

Croatia’s Seasplash Fest  in Pula – 7/18 to 7/22

Croatia Seasplash Reggae Fest

And happening in France…

Garance’s Reggae Fest 2013 in Bagnois – July 24 to July 27

Bagnois France Reggae Fest

No Logo Reggae Fest in Fraisans – 8/14 to 8/15

Fraisans France No Logo Reggae Fest

Nostang’s Percussions Du Monde 2013 – 7/12 to 7/13

Nostang France Les Percussions du Monde Reggae Fest

And in Germany…

Burtenbach’s Sunrise Reggae & Ska Fest – 7/12 to 7/14

Burtenbach Germany Reggae Fest

Mulheim’s a der Buhr’s Love, Peace & Music Fest – 7/19 to 7/21

Mulheim Germany Love Peace Music Reggae Fest

Of particular interest, Nordstemmen’s Weedbeat 2013 – 7/12 to 7/14

Nordstemmen Germany Weedbeat Reggae Fest

And in Italia…

Chioggia’s One Love Fest – July 25 to July 28

Chioggia Italy One Love Reggae Fest

Gargeghe’s Sardinia Reggae Fest – 8/1 to 8/4

Gargeghe Italy Reggae Fest

Venezia’s Sunsplash 2013 – 7/19 to 7/23

Venice Italy Sunsplash Reggae Fest

And across Poland…

Reggaeland 2013 in Plock – 7/12 to 7/14

Poland Reggaeland Reggae Fest

Ostroda Reggae Fest 2013 – 8/9 to 8/11

Ostroda Poland Reggae Fest


Spain’s Trash n’ Ready Fest in Barcelona – 8/10

Spain Trash n Ready Reggae Fest

Slovenia’s Overjam Reggae Fest in Tolmin – 8/14 to 8/17

Slovenia Overjam Reggae Fest

And that’s just a fraction of the action for your musical satisfaction. For more information and more event listings, please visit my good global neighbours over at reggaeville.com. I guarantee there is a festival happening near you – wherever in the world you are!

If any of you attend any event, do let me know – and share photos! It will certainly help ease the sleepless, lonely nights and long, listless days on house arrest under Her Majesty’s slumbering eye. Now go on! Enjoy summer!  I’ll let you know what you missed in the news in just a few days more. Cheeri-bum! #GodSavetheQueen