About the Journalist

Just over 30 years ago, a mature Margaret Thatcher visited the isle of Jamaica on a weekend holiday. After spending a time there among some rastas, with a keen appreciation for one in particular named Ratty, she returned home. Shortly after, she discovered that she had been impregnated. Not prepared to care for a child since her twins Mark and Carol were already well on in age, she returned to Jamaica to bring the child to term, have the child and leave it with Ratty.

Naturally, she did not find Ratty, but found a Jewish Rastafarian woman named Enid who delivered the child and would later go on to raise the child as her own. Thatcher left the child with her on the rasta compound and returned to her normal British life.

The child, named Perpetual Sunshine Shelly-Ann Hadessa deMorning by Enid, grew into a bright young woman who the journalistic world came to know as Sunshine deMorning, or simply, Sunny.

Upon hearing rumours that Margaret Thatcher was her birth mother, Sunny sought to explore the truth by breaking into a royal secret court of records looking for information. However, she was caught on site and arrested as being an international spy.

The case is open and ongoing while Sunny remains under house arrest under the watchful and sleepy eye of Her Majesty. She hopes to be free soon to continue taking over the world with proper journalism. Known for saying what people are thinking but are too polite to say, she proudly violates rules of British speech, naming names and creating controversy.

Sunny is a Gemini who is still looking for her lobster. She likes aged gents with hair on their bodies and enjoys Early Grey Goose and ganja teas.

In between blogging and sleeping, Sunny is penning her autobiography, Precious Bastard: My Life as Margaret Thatcher’s Shadow-child.

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